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Different Times


A zine about Six Inch Killaz, drag, life, rock'n'roll and Asperger's Syndrome in queer London in the 1990s. By Simon Murphy.

"Twenty years ago a lot of people called me Mona, the drag name I took from a Bo Diddley record. I did drag from 1992 to 2001, and most of that time I was in a band, an all-drag punk-ish band: Six Inch Killaz. The zine is mostly about me and the band, but it’s also about the drag, trans, queer and music scenes in London that we were part of. It’s a personal version of a partial history of the band and our world."

You also get Ron Storme, Jayne County, RuPaul Charles, Kinky Gerlinky, Charlotte Cooper, Queercore, Kitsch Bitch, transgender rock'n'roll, Madam Jojo's, the Joiner's Arms, bad managers and worse drugs, and the confusion and sometime isolation of undiagnosed Asperger's.

A5, 40 pages, card cover, illustrated throughout, with these pictures.

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